St Oulton win the first competition

St Oulton were placed first in the inaugural competition held on 23rd September 2018 at Melbourne. Here are the results.

Draw Team Name Judges’ Comments
Would win a prize for …
Peal Speed Score % Place
A Macclesfield Good in the middle of the change; some rushed handstroke leading but that improved throughout the piece. Roll-ups hit cleanly. Clearest roll-ups 3:26 88% 4
B York End of first course, start of second course was the best ringing in this piece; took time to recover from a trip in lead 8. Felt the pace was being forced and not all the bells were comfortable with this pace. Clearest roll-ups 3:13 86% 5
C Birmingham Cathedral Good structure and clean roll-ups. Some of the middle bells tended to have quick handstroke leads. Slight trip in lead 7 took a while to resolve. Overall good piece of ringing. Cleanest first course-end 3:22 90% 3
D Leicester Controlled piece of ringing and predominantly clean. The faults that were picked up were at the start and end of the row. Overall, very enjoyable piece of ringing. Being the peal band the judges would want to ring in 3:22 91% 2
E Reading Whilst we didn’t mark the practice, we noted the second practice piece was very, very quick (unsustainably); the band learned from this and eased off (a little) for the test piece. The test piece ebbed and flowed – good when bells ‘close’ to each other were together – struggled when big and little bells were intermingled. Faults picked up in second half of change in positions 8-11. Taking the best learnings from practice 3:13 81% 7
F Sheffield Consistent pace; first half of change tended to be accurate. The change length however fluctuated causing difficulties at lead and at the back half. Being most consistent [maintained the same standard throughout] 3:16 83% 6
G Melbourne Reserves (fired out) Settled quickly with good consensus of rhythm and pace. Leading at the middle of the 7th lead, then , well… Missing the corner whilst leading 3:25 8
H St Oulton Stately in pace but all rang at same speed. Took 2 or 3 leads to fully settle, but after that very good. Devising a plan and sticking to it 3:30 92% 1

See the main results page for team photographs etc.

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  1. Congratulations to St Oulton on your success. Hope this contest goes on to equal success in future years. Its a great idea and an inspiration to would-be 12 bell ringers.

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