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NUSCR win the second competition

Draw Team Peal Speed Faults Position
1 Melbourne 3:17 65 4
2 Towcester 3:22 63 3
3 Leicester 3:17 50 2
4 Sheffield 3:09 73 6
5 Nottingham University 3:16 38 1
6 Welsh Colleges 3:08 67 5

Judge’s Observations:

Team 1:

Struggled to get opening rounds perfect. Big and little bell interaction difficult but improved as it went on. Good recovery from a method mistake.

Team 2:

Plenty of opening rounds to get the rhythm right but an uneven start to the changes picking up half faults for clips. Little and big bells struggling to ring at the same speed. Looked as though it was improving and then hesitations upset the ringing again.

Team 3:

First practice sounded really good. The second faster practice not so good. Fairly brisk ringing in the test piece with occasional clips and rushed leads. Method mistake picked up faults but settled back into a good rhythm again. Ringing as a team and at the same speed, a lot of clean rows.

Team 4:

Might have benefited from ringing more rounds before the test piece. Unevenness in the ringing regularly picked up half faults, and some of the bells weren’t ringing at the right speed. Very few rows without faults sadly.

Team 5:

Really good practice. This should be good. Could have rung a few more rounds before the test piece, but it settled into a good rhythm picking up minor faults for odd rushed leads or clips. All ringing at the same speed without hesitations seen in other pieces. A good piece of ringing with minor faults here and there.

Team 6:

Fairly brisk opening rounds, again possibly too short to settle into a good rhythm, leading to an unsteady start. Faults added up as ringing progressed for rushed leads and clips, mostly due to little bells and big bells not ringing at the same speed. The ringing never really settled.

See the main results page for team photographs etc.

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